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Trivita Wellness

Physical health can affect the spiritual!

God designed us as integrated beings, and our physical health impacts our spiritual life. Don't let anything physical slow you down from fulfilling the call God has for you.

Personally, I have found Trivita's wellness supplements to be of real benefit in supporting my healthy lifestyle, and I’m hearing great reports from many of you. These high-quality products help destress, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and boost strength, and when coupled with a healthy lifestyle, the benefits can be amazing.

Plus, as an example of their generosity (as they too desire to see Moral Sanity & Spiritual Clarity advanced in our nation), Trivita is donating 100% of your first order to The Line of Fire radio broadcast to help us fulfill our divine call to see the church made healthy!

That’s right—one hundred percent of your first orderplus more than a tithe of all your subsequent orders—will be donated to The Line of Fire radio to help amplify our voice to the nation.

What an incredible gesture of solidarity and support!

Of course, as a ministry, we continue to focus on the spiritual condition of individuals, the church, and the nation, and we will never lose that focus. Yet we can't help but recognize that impaired health can gravely hinder us from fulfilling our destiny in God.

And the Lord cares about both.

trivita wellness

it's time!

A Healthy Church Starts with a Healthy You

Friends, our heart is to see you flourish in every way - spirit, soul, and body. That's why we have partnered with at (800) 771-5584 to help every way we can.

Check them out for yourself, and let me know what you think!  

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