When Radical Leftists Support Children Identifying as Minotaurs, You Know that Sanity Will Prevail

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It’s true that most Americans want to be tolerant and open-minded. But there is a point where they draw the line, saying enough is enough.

We’ve been seeing that happen more and more in recent days, as the radical left continues to go off the deep end and as viewpoints that were once considered fringe try to make their way into the mainstream.

The latest to join this list of those pushing back is rock icon Alice Cooper. He was dropped by a cosmetic company for daring to say that “a woman is a woman and a man is a man.” 

How narrow-minded and extreme! (Carlos Santana made a similar comment before apologizing for his “insensitive” remarks.)

Be assured that common-sense statements like this are the tip of the iceberg of the pushback towards social sanity. Or do you really think that most Americans will embrace the “gender revolution,” as expressed in headlines like this: “‘Children Identifying as “Minotaurs” Are Part of Gender Revolution’ Says Feminist Professor”?

Do we honestly think that your average mom or dad will say to their kid, “Yes, we affirm your minotaur identity and will get you some kind of minotaur hormones as soon as possible”? I think not. (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit here, but you get the point.)

That being said, it is sad to learn that the feminist professor in question is Diane Ehrensaft, an

“advocate for a ‘gender revolution,’ [who] serves as the director of mental health and chief psychologist at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital’s gender development center. She is also a professor at the UCSF School of Medicine, specializing in pediatric gender-affirmative care for transgender and gender-expansive patients.”

So for her, this is cutting edge science, not to mention the best way to help “gender non-conforming” children.

God help us (and her!).

We are told that, “She introduced the concept of ‘gender hybrids,’ suggesting that children can identify as a blend of genders, influenced by cultural, environmental, and personal factors.”

And what, exactly, are some of those “hybrids”?

There is “Gender Prius,” meaning you’re “a boy in the front and a girl in the back.”

And there’s Gender Minotaur, combining “the body of a man with the head of a bull.”

But of course! How on earth did we miss this for so long? 

Years ago, when we were little, we actually thought we were just playing make believe when we thought we were Superman or Snow White or a lion or tiger or whatever. It looks like we were really on to something after all.

In Prof. Ehrensaft’s own words,

“ . . . we are in the midst of a gender revolution and the children are leading it. And it’s a wonderful thing to see. And it’s also humbling to know [children] know more than we do about this topic of being gender expansive.”

Trust me on this. The vast majority of Americans will not participate in this revolution. The pushback to sanity will intensify.

That’s why other headlines, like this one about this same professor, give me hope: “Children's hospital director claims 'infinite' genders, trans kids can identify as 'Tootsie Roll pops.'”

No way, no how!

The article that follows notes that,

“Diane Ehrensaft . . . claims kid can identify as a transgender 'Tootsie Roll pop' and there are 'infinite' identities. Genders listed by Ehrensaft included, ‘Pangender Youth,’ ‘Protogay Children,’ ‘Prototransgender Youth,’ ‘Gender Teslas,’’Gender Ambidextrous Children,’ and’ Gender Smoothies.’”

So, no longer will a child say to his or her parents, “Can I have a Tootsie Roll?” Instead, the little one will now say, “I am a Tootsie Roll,” to which the parents will say, “We affirm you, Tootsie.” I think not!

To be clear, I do not ridicule children who grow up with deep internal conflicts. God forbid. To the contrary, I advocate for us devoting our efforts to helping them find wholeness from the inside out. As for children and adults who are intersex, having biological or chromosomal abnormalities, that is an entirely different (and very difficult, sensitive) issue.

At the same time, I will not refrain from decrying the cultural madness, since that’s exactly what it is: madness.

This is further confirmed by headlines like this:

“Inside the online world of people who think they can change their race. Practitioners of ‘race change to another,’ or RCTA, purport to be able to manifest physical changes in their appearance and even their genetics to truly become a different race.”

But 'of course' people can change their race. Isn’t that obvious?

Sarcasm aside, at some point these radical ideologies crash hard into the brick wall of reality. Boom! It makes for a very rude awakening.

As expressed by Eliza Mondegreen, who argued that radical trans activists overplayed their hand,

“It wasn’t necessary to put the trans movement on a collision course with reality, fairness, common sense, medical ethics, toleration for difference, freedom of speech and conscience, and the basic recognition that sex matters to achieve the movement’s stated goals. Rather, it’s the trans lobby’s unstated goals that put us on this dark path. We can make a case for certain reasonable accommodations for people who are uncomfortable with their sex. Reasonable claims and demands can withstand scrutiny. Unreasonable claims and demands require a different approach. It’s impossible to make the case for putting male rapists in women’s prisons if you have to use plain language. It’s impossible to justify indoctrinating and then sterilizing confused children. You can only advance such goals if you’re willing to break the language, keep the public in the dark, and punish anyone who tries to drag your antics into the light."

That’s why outspoken lesbians like the tennis great Martina Navratilova have said,

“This is just so wrong… trans went from 0.02% of the population to going through the roof, statistically speaking. We are literally talking thousands of children into thinking they are trans[gender]… and taking them away from supportive parents- insane.”

Insane indeed.

In sharing such sentiments, Navratilova joins other, non-fundamentalist Christian voices like the famed atheist Richard Dawkins, who lost his 1996 Humanist of the Year Award for daring to transgress the sacred trans boundaries, and Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, who continues to push back against the madness.

Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, finds it “distinctly weird” and an “odd distortion of reality” to believe in the existence of more than two sexes, asserting that “sex really is binary… You’re either male or female. And it’s absolutely clear.”

Rowling, for her part, dared to say that only women can menstruate, also stating,

“When you throw open the doors of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he's a woman… you open the door to any and all men who wish to come inside.”

Be assured that the more the left swerves out of control, the more society will turn back in the right direction. But to get things right, it is crucial that biblically-based, clear-thinking believers help lead the way.

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