Smashing Another 'Pride' Myth: NO, David and Jonathan were NOT 'Gay Lovers'

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Have you ever heard the claim that David and Jonathan, of biblical fame, were “gay lovers”?

This, of course, is a blatant falsehood, as numerous Bible scholars have demonstrated over the years.

After all, the biblical text is quite clear. Jonathan became a married man, with children. And, much more significantly, David married numerous women, almost destroying his whole life because of his lust for a married woman named Bathsheba. He ended up committing adultery with her, getting her pregnant, and then killing her husband (see 2 Samuel 11).

This is not what 'gay men' do!

Other biblical scholars have pointed out that the whole testimony of the Hebrew Bible is exclusively heterosexual – meaning, only heterosexual relationships are countenanced, let alone blessed – while any references to homosexual behavior are negative in the extreme.

Quite obviously, this same Bible would not paint an openly gay picture about one of its heroes.

That’s why there are even gay theologians who recognize that David and Jonathan were not gay lovers...

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