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I absolutely love the work and moving of the Spirit, and I am 100% sure that, according to the Word of God, the gifts and power of the Spirit are for today — for the glory of Jesus’ name, for the good of His people, and for the sake of a dying, lost world.

And I have had the privilege of serving in the midst of true, powerful, outpourings of the Spirit, and with any move of God — in biblical times, in Church history, and today — there will always be controversy over what God is doing along with fleshly extremes that need to be addressed.

At the same time, I don’t embrace everything that comes along in the name of the Spirit, and I wrote this short poem back in 1995.


We’re getting drunk on God’s new wine
And everything is mighty fine.
So come along, relax, don’t fear it;
Now we’re slobbering in the Spirit!

Growling, roaring, barking too,
It’s all part of the Holy Ghost Zoo!
Some do froth and foam and drool —
Getting zapped is mighty cool!

Of course, we know there’s more than this,
But for now we’re deep in bliss.
So don’t urge us to reach the lost,
Or pay the price and count the cost;

Don’t mention that bad word called hell,
Or that God’s holy — please don’t tell!
Don’t talk to us ’bout sacrifice;
Everything is just too nice.

Business at the bar is great
And everyone is drinking late.
So join the party, gulp it down:
The real thing has come to town.

There you have it, sarcasm and all. So, let us embrace the moving of the Spirit and the work of the Spirit, even when it makes us uncomfortable.

But let us put away folly!

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