Only the Lost Can Be Saved

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Why do we have so many proud, self-sufficient believers in our congregations?

Why is there so little brokenness in our midst? Why do some of our preachers seem to show off and strut? Why are we so quick to praise man?

It is because we have not seen the depth of our sin. We have not grasped our lost state without God. We have not comprehended our natural condition — not diseased, but decomposing; not critical, but a corpse!

The unsaved human being is dead; he can not resurrect himself. We must approach the unsaved with this reality. They are perishing without the Lord.

Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” (Mat. 9:13). Even God can not heal a well person! Only sick people can be healed. In the same way, only sinners can be forgiven, and only the lost can be saved.

Jesus died for the lost alone...

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