Joe Rogan is Right: Americans are Saying ‘Enough’ to LGBTQ+ Pride

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It used to be limited to one day in June, the day of Gay Pride marches in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots in 1969. Then, it became a month-long proclamation and celebration. All of June is Pride Month.

Today, the celebration of “Pride” is virtually year-long, simply amped up in June.

And millions of Americans are saying enough is enough.

Some of these Americans had previously changed their views on same-sex “marriage,” embracing the argument that “love is love.”

Some of them had learned to affirm their gay and lesbian family members and friends whereas they once thought there was something wrong with them.

Some of them even modified their theology, not wanting to bash people over the head with the Bible, thinking this was the “progressive” thing to do.

Yet some of those very people are now saying, “Enough is enough.”

As I’ve stated elsewhere, these Americans didn’t sign up for the increasingly radical cultural madness, for the assault on children, and for the stripping away of the rights of others. That’s why so many are now pushing back against “Pride.”

And it’s not just the conservative, Bible believers.

It’s the average drinker of Budweiser beer. It’s the average shopper at Target.

It’s the average parent with a kid in school.

They’re not going for the blur-gender, omnigender, pregnant man, menstruating males, castrate-the-kids nonsense.

And they’re not going for the constant, in your face, exaltation of everything gay and trans and queer related. As Matt Walsh tweeted on May 30, “As you prepare for Pride Month, we must also remember to celebrate:

  • Bisexual Health Awareness Month
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility
  • National LGBT Health Awareness Week
  • National Transgender HIV Testing Day
  • Non-Binary Parents Day
  • Lesbian Visibility Day
  • International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, & Biphobia.
  • Harvey Milk Day
  • Pansexual & Pan Romantic Awareness & Visibility Day
  • Non-Binary Awareness Week
  • International Drag Day
  • LGBTQ History Month (not to be confused w/ Pride Month)
  • International Lesbian Day
  • National Coming Out Day
  • National LGBT Center Awareness Day
  • Asexual Awareness Week
  • International Pronouns Day
  • Transgender Parent Day
  • Pansexual Pride Day
  • Gay Uncles Day”

Did he miss any?

According to, June as “Pride Month” “was officially recognized by the U.S. government when President Bill Clinton declared June 1999 ‘Gay and Lesbian Pride Month,’ President Barack Obama proclaimed June to be ‘LGBT Pride Month,’ and President Joe Biden further expanded the observance to ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month.’

Elsewhere in the world, Pride is celebrated at different times of the year, although many cities observe it in June.”

So, G and L were not enough. It must be L and G and B and T. Only that was not good enough. Now it must be L and G and B and T and Q and +.

And then?

The Transstudent website gives us a hint of where things are going, informing us that, “There are no ‘male/female’ or ‘man/woman’ pronouns. All pronouns can be used for any gender and are gender neutral.” (This link was originally titled, “What Are the 78 Preferred Gender Pronouns?” That’s right. Seventy-eight.)

Even Chadwick Moore, a “gay conservative” recently wrote,

“Plenty has happened in the seven years since I was guillotined for coming out of the closet as a gay conservative. Whereas in 2016 only a handful seemingly existed, today thousands of LGBT influencers cram social-media feeds as part of a gathering wave rejecting the far-left. The result has been the alphabet mob’s nose-dive into madness.” (His article in the New York Post was titled, “Why LGBTs Are Running Out of Pride.”)

Yet, as I wrote last month, despite the protests of some influential gay and lesbian thinkers, you cannot separate the LGB from the Q and the T. The camel has gotten its nose in the door of the tent, and everything else has followed in its wake. As a result, millions of Americans are saying, “This is too much.”

They wanted to embrace common kindness.
They ended up with cultural craziness.

As noted by Allison Sullivan,

“Opinion polls indicate that the majority of Americans oppose the basic premises of gender fluidity. This shift in sentiment could be seen as the Revolt of the Normies. If American institutions continue to indulge in such extremes, they may learn that sometimes, Pride Month can indeed goeth before the fall.” 

And just as gay pride marches have often featured the most base, vulgar aspects of the LGBTQ+ community (that’s because anything LGBTQ+ must be embraced as good), the worst of LGBTQ+ activism is now front and center for the world to see.

As Joe Rogan said to his massive podcast audience,

“So we’re seeing that now where we never saw that before, where people are going ‘Enough! Enough! Stop shoving this down everybody’s throat.”

Precisely so. (For those who do not know Rogan, he is not a born-again, Bible-waving Christian.)

He continued,

“When I go to Target I don’t want to see like [expletive] tuck pants, like they’re designed to help you tuck your [expletive]. Hey, that’s not normal, I don’t want that right in front of everybody. It’s weird.”

He’s right. It’s weird. It’s unnatural. It’s harmful to suggest this for kids.

And, from a business point of view, it’s only relevant to a tiny percentage of the society. Why on earth make it front and center in your store unless you are driven by a radical social agenda?

And that’s why this Pride Month is different than past Pride Months. Americans are coming to their senses.

As I recently tweeted, what began for many as the embrace of common decency (“I treat my gay friends and coworkers with fairness and respect”) has become a celebration of deviancy (“Long live the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!”). 

The bottom line is that LGBTQ+ activists have basically said, “No matter how much ground you give us and no matter how much you embrace us, it is never enough. We will continue to push the envelope.”

Millions of Americans have responded by saying, “Enough is enough.” 

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