Do You Believe Jesus Is Coming Back In Your Lifetime?

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I recently conducted a poll on Twitter asking the question, “Do you believe Jesus will return in your lifetime?” The answers were as varied as expected. And, in a certain sense, as different as the answers were, all of them were right.

But how can three, mutually exclusive answers, all be right? That’s a great question. I’ll try to answer that here.

The three choices offered in the poll were: Yes; No; No Idea.

I also allowed for the fact that some of those responding were not believers in Jesus, giving them a fourth, quite separate choice: “I don’t believe in Jesus.”

But that group only amounted to 2.6 percent of those responding.

Of the 97.4 who were believers in Jesus, 31 percent responded with Yes; 19.9 percent said No; and 46.6 percent answered with No Idea. (In total, there were 1,922 votes.)

How, then, can I say that, in a certain sense, all of them were right?...

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