Denouncing the Dangerous (and Pseudo-Christian) Antisemitism of Nick Fuentes

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It’s the same old story repeated yet again, although this time the call for violence is open and overt.

The evil, Christ-rejecting Jews control America, and they must be ousted from power. After all, this is a Christian nation, and we don’t want those Christ haters ruling over us. To the contrary, we will crush them in a holy war, and it is they who will die, not us.

So says Nick Fuentes (born 1988), founder of the America First movement, which describes itself as “the synthesis of traditional values, Trumpian populism, and American Nationalism.”

It also cloaks itself in Christian rhetoric, making it all the more insidious.

Few Americans were familiar with Fuentes before November 2022, when he dined with former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago as a guest of Kanye West, stirring a national controversy.

How could Trump welcome and dine with a White Supremacist Neo-Nazi?

Trump, for his part, claimed to have no idea who Fuentes was, stating that the dinner was quick and uneventful. In contrast, West claimed that Trump was deeply impressed with the young man. Either way, the visit brought Fuentes into the national spotlight.

Last month, video footage surfaced of Fuentes speaking to his constituents with completely unhinged rhetoric, coupled with a bizarre light show in the background. The whole thing is so extreme that you would not be faulted for thinking it was satire.

Sadly, it was not.

As the July 18, 2023 headline in the Jerusalem Post announced, “White supremacist Nick Fuentes: ‘We will make Jews die in the holy war’.” 

Fuentes said, “Do you think it might be a problem that the people that are running your banks, that are making the movies your children watch... Do you think it’s a problem that they believe that all Christians must die? It’s a big problem. It’s a huge problem.”

Yes, he said (to rousing applause), “We need to eradicate [the] Jewish stranglehold over the United States of America.”

And, while he said that “we love everybody,” he stated that “ideas matter, religion matters, and we need Christians running America, not Jews.”

He continued (to even more rousing applause and shouts of affirmation), “Word is getting out that we got to rid of Jewish power in America,” and despite “them” doing everything in their power to stop it – censoring and canceling and killing – “we are here to say that America is not a Jewish nation. America is a Christian nation.” 

You’ve got to see the video for yourself, but, to paint the picture here in words, at this point in the speech, on the screen behind him, giant angel wings flap on his right and left, as if he was some kind of angelic messenger.

It really does seem like a sick attempt at satire. But I repeat, it is not.

In fact, in response to his proclamation that America is a Christian nation not a Jewish nation, the crowd begins to chant, “Christ is King! Christ is King!”

Fuentes then says that, yes, of course, this must be the case, since Christ is King of the world and therefore must be King of America too.

And so, Fuentes knows that “we will win, because unlike our opposition, we are willing to die for what we believe in. . . . We’re in a holy war and I will tell you this. Because we’re willing to die in the holy war, we will make them die in the holy war. And they will go down.”

Yet because God is on our side, we will win.

Indeed, he proclaimed, “We have God on our side. They will go down with their Satanic master. They have no future in America. The enemies of Christ have no future in this world.”

This is the very worst form of Christian nationalism that exists. It is not in the least bit American. And it is no more Christian than is Satan himself. To call this despicable is to be too soft.

But here’s what is most disturbing.

I posted a short video on YouTube, playing these clips from Fuentes and then denouncing him and his rhetoric in the strongest possible terms, rebuking him plainly and openly. Yet within the first 5,000 views on YouTube, we had to remove scores of comments cheering him on. (Note also that, while most of my videos receive between 96 and 99 percent likes to dislikes, this one, at present, is at 81.9 percent.)

The comments ranged from people having no problem with what he said to alleged quotes from rabbinic writings, proving how evil the Jews really are, and from people claiming, “Nick Fuentes is the most pro-Christ leader in America” to others who claimed support for his vile antisemitism in the teaching of the Church Fathers and official statements from the Catholic Church. (One even cited the Catholic antisemite Dr. E. Michael Jones in support. For a Catholic rebuke to Jones, see here.)

Other, comments, all of which, we must remember, were posted in response to Fuentes calling for the death of Jewish people in a “Christian” holy war, included: 

“America is a Christian nation! I agree with Nick.” 

“Nick’s show brought me back to Christ and to His Church. Without Nick, I would’ve been lost in the fog of agnosticism. God bless Nick and America first!” 

“I love everyone, but some beliefs are not to be tolerated [with specific reference to Jewish beliefs]. Tolerance is not a Christian virtue.” 

“Wait, is being in a stranglehold to people who deny Jesus Christ's divinity a good thing for America?”

“Stop playing the victim Michael. He's talking about the fake Jews of Revelation [meaning, the book of Revelation 2:9; 3:9]. Snap out of the witchcraft. Peace.”

“Dr. Brown is a vicious anti-white Jewish supremacist! Jew deserve all they get for the war on whites they started!”

“We support Nick Fuentes against the synagogue of Satan.”

“This country should be governed by confessors of Christ, not by blasphemers!”

“Christ is King. America first.”

For years I (and others) have been warning about this fresh, rising tide of “Christian” antisemitism, often intertwined with an overt White supremacism. 

Not surprisingly, it is paralleled by the overt Jewish hatred of Black supremacist groups like the Black Hebrew Israelites. Both have in common their open hatred for American Jews, whom they call “the synagogue of Satan” and whose violent doom they predict – at their own hands, of course.

Every person of conscience should call out this vile, very dangerous antisemitism. Do not underestimate what demented people might do in the name of their twisted cause.

And do not underestimate how deeply entrenched this very sick mindset is in the hearts of countless thousands, if not millions, of Americans.

We must not let this plague spread on our watch.

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