Common Sense on Gender and Sex from a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

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Sometimes the person on the street has more wisdom than the cultural elites.

That’s because the person on the street is dealing with everyday life while the cultural elites are often dealing with abstract theory. Never has this been truer than with the subject of males who identify as females competing in women’s sports.

Academic theory, not fleshed out in real life experience, only goes so far. That’s why, in cases like this, it’s best to talk to the competitors themselves, the people in the trenches, the man (or woman) on the street in the world of sports.

Sometimes, in their often blunt manner of speech, without any concern for being politically correct, they can present the strongest case of all.

That’s exactly what MMA fighter Julian Erosa did this past Saturday night after defeating his opponent. (For those not familiar with MMA, while it requires tremendous athleticism, multiple skill sets, and lots of courage, it is an exceptionally violent sport.)

Erosa was going to bring this subject up in his post-fight interview but decided to share his thoughts later at the press conference. 

He said,

“I was gonna say that I don’t like cheaters. And so I don’t know how you guys feel about this whole situation, but I don’t like cheaters and so I wanted to call out Lia Thomas [who was not a strong athlete as a male swimmer but became a record-setting champion when competing against women].... And I just don’t agree with men in women’s sports, you know even the whole Fallon Fox thing [a biological male who competed against women in MMA], guys that are fighting in women’s MMA and knocking them out. It’s a bad look.”

Thankfully, even though, to quote Erosa’s words, “the world that we’re living in, there’s no common sense anymore,” plenty of people do resonate with common sense when they hear it, especially from the man (or woman) on the street...

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