Expanding our Reach

DOUBLING your impact!

We are on the cusp of something big—a breakthrough we’ve been praying for for decades!

Together, we’ve already been pushing back against the insanity, and seeking to bring truth and clarity to culture today, taking seriously the mission of Revival in the Church, Revolution in Society, and Redemption in Israel.

Right now before us stands open a door for massive national radio expansion. Instead of being just another “conservative voice” or a “Christian radio personality” we have the chance to transform a yet unreached generation and equip them to biblically rise against the immoral insanity of today.

Thanks to the support of other like-minded partners, we have been offered a matching challenge grant opportunity:

The way it works is, ANY GIFT THAT YOU SEND TODAY WILL BE MATCHED AND DOUBLE IN IMPACT, funding expansion in key radio markets, amplifying the spiritual wake-up call to our nation! 

Partner with us to seize this moment before it passes! Help unlock doors for key, unreached areas in the nation—bringing radio that’s above the noise of politics and inter-denominational strife. 

Take action today. Depending on what we can do together by May 31st, will determine if we can seize this expansion opportunity or not.  


The Line of Fire / AskDrBrown Ministries is committed to financial transparency and considers the stewardship of your donation a responsibility and an honor. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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