Torchbearer Churches

In Jesus’ name, may the church arise and shake the nation!

As your church partners together with us as a part of the Monthly Torchbearer Team, we will see a revolution of Moral Sanity and Spiritual Clarity!

Do not our hearts burn together with the same sense of urgency for His mission? May the Lord unite us in amplifying the impact of your church's ministry—through The Line of Fire and the help we provide.

  • I believe we are in the early stages of a national outpouring of the Spirit, and soon, in thousands of places across America, churches will be experiencing a fresh wave of revival. The time for compromise, complacency, and confusion is over. We must be ready!
  • You know this is bigger than any of us alone. The Lord calls us to not back down from controversy, and courageously tackle the hot button subjects that others don’t want to touch. Everything must be grounded in His Word and His Spirit. And we must always speak the truth in love. Revival in the Church, Revolution in Society, and Redemption in Israel is our heart and our goal.
  • As a Torchbearer Church, I encourage you to have your leadership take advantage of the extras and training aids that we provide. Get exclusive online access to key video and audio courses, that can help you further equip those in your care.
  • Also, for your staff to read and pass around, you will receive two books on Revival and Revolution—FREE! "Compassionate Father or Consuming Fire: Engaging the God of the Old Testament" and "Revolution! The Call to Holy War" to deepen your faith and passion for the Lord. 
  • PLUS FOR THIS MONTH ONLY—due to the urgency of the tragedy in Israel—all new Torchbearers will ALSO receive 2 additional books FREE in order to battle the ignorance, confusion, and lies pertaining to the people of Israel. You'll get "Our Hands Are Stained With Blood" and "Christian Antisemitism" to open your eyes, enlighten your mind, and move you to prayer. Your church needs to be grounded in the truth, and we are here to help you do just that!

Thank you so much for your solidarity. The best is yet to come.

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