Taking Action

The enemy is warring and deceiving, and culture is sliding headlong towards destruction. 

They have declared war on our families, on morality, on freedom, and even on our children.

If we stop running our race, how will that affect our neighbors and friends?  If we become silent, how will those lost and confused find live-saving moral sanity and spiritual clarity?

In this massively significant election year, too few people have woken up to the fact that our nation is in an all-out spiritual battle, and the enemy is in attack mode!  Deeper than the surface issues of congress, media, candidates, and campaigns—this is about the evil principalities and powers pulling the strings. 

As believers we find ourselves right on the frontlines, and it is crucial that we are not detached or distracted at this moment of history. 

That’s why in this season we are actually increasing our ministry activity rather than slowing down. I’m sounding the alarm; traveling to minister to more people in more locations, mobilizing fellow leaders and believers; producing key Jewish outreach content; and doing major writing—which I believe will further equip and serve the body in these last days.

The battle is intense, but since the race isn’t done neither are we. We remain focused and are solidly alongside of you—right in the line of fire. 

Now is the time to seize this moment to take ground.

Together, we’ve already been pushing back against the insanity, and seeking to bring truth and clarity to culture today, taking seriously the mission of Revival in the Church, Revolution in Society, and Redemption in Israel.


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