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See video below for our 'Thank you gift' back to you for donations of $100 or more!

By God’s grace, an awakening is taking place that’s reaching around the world!

From Christian leaders to moms and dads; from students to educators; from missionaries to entrepreneurs; from young people to old people—He is connecting us and raising us up together in this critical time as voices for moral sanity and spiritual clarity.

God is doing a work right now, and hearts are opening to Him in this season.  

By God’s grace and your generosity, doors are opening around the nation, growing our potential listening audience by 20 million people — in the last 4 months alone!  Can you even imagine what kind of impact 20 million awakened and empowered souls would have on America?

Now is the time to seize this moment to take groundand reach tens of millions more!

Together, we’ve already been pushing back against the insanity, and seeking to bring truth and clarity to culture today, taking seriously the mission of Revival in the Church, Revolution in Society, and Redemption in Israel.

Let's take action today.

God is transforming lives! And together with Him we are pushing back the darkness. 


The Line of Fire / AskDrBrown Ministries is committed to financial transparency and considers the stewardship of your donation a responsibility and an honor. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

For those who give $100 or more, I’d like to send you the new hardcover book, Israel the Miracle: Encounters with the Land and the People God Loves.  (See video for more about this amazing book.)

No place in the world embodies such historical and prophetic significance. Be reminded of God’s patience and faithfulness; His promises, plans, and love.

(In the notes, feel free to request multiple copies if you like; it makes an absolutely wonderful gift for others!)

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