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  1. I for one very much appreciated your bringing this to our attention today. I tended to suppose that with nothing coming to pass as predicted, people would have wandered away from these false predictors by now. But apparently, the deception runs so much deeper than supposed. There is definitely idolatry going on, too. From what I understand, most presidents do some good, but also some bad. Sometimes the good is great, sometimes the bad is atrocious. In any case, they, as flawed humans, perform about as to be expected from mankind: doing good, doing harm. There is a tendency to “glorify” past presidents (see the Apotheosis of George Washington, for example) as well as glorifying our past American history, too — I’m old enough to remember when history was taught in that fashion in the lower grades, when we’re very young and very impressionable. When I got to university and found a more critical approach, I was truly shocked, and the ‘stardust’ fell from my eyes. But some do want to continue to glorify human beings in this manner, even though we should be, as mature adults, long past those tales. I think Trump’s Achilles’ Heel, his dominant weakness, was his vanity. I think for that reason, he was drawn to those purporting to be ministers of the gospel who would ‘play the tune he wanted to hear’. He loved the praise, he loved the adulation, and they lavished him with it. That was his weakness and his downfall. Had he a more balanced mind, he would have reprimanded THEM. This allowed these people to, in turn, bask in their brush with power, to become full of themselves, to allow their minds to be darkened, and therefore, they could not hear the clear, plain word of truth. For awhile, it probably all seemed so lofty, powerful, and glorious that the fantasy just HAD to be true. They were all “thinking it and believing it” “speaking it, and claiming it”. But it wasn’t. It just wasn’t. I don’t know if people can be shaken from those positions by other people. It seems so stuck fast it will take the power of God alone to liberate them from such false visions. If a person has decided, as you, Dr. Brown, long ago did, as you once said, to stick with “the truth” above all, no matter the consequences, God will, I totally believe, lead them into all truth. I hope that the example of putting the truth first will find good soil and take root.

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