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  1. I am looking forward to the show. I have been hoping you would address this issue. I realize that Deuteronomy 18:22 covers the basic criteria of what is a false prophet. Although some today do not call themselves “prophets” but rather “prophetic voices” – nonetheless, if their ‘prophecies’ or ‘predictions’ which they give as being “from the Lord” do not come to pass – what else can we say about these predictions? Surely they are ‘false.’ I know they could be regarded as “presumptuous” but to presume to speak for God is still considered a sin, and I believe they need to repent for sins of presumptuousness as much as for any other sin. Psalm 19:13, the writer is asking God to save him from presumptuous sins. There are some “prophetic voices” whom I tuned into just yesterday on YouTube and are still claiming a second (consecutive) term for President Trump and moreover encouraging their listeners to “keep the faith”. Worse though, is that they have threatened Christians with dire consequences if they didn’t vote for Trump. Yes, things like “generational curses”. How many people have voted out of fear at these words? I cannot say, but I will say that this is wrong to do, and I know you have addressed that somewhere also, I read it the other day. I’m not asking you to call them out by name, but I wish you would – but that’s entirely up to your discretion, of course, and I respect you, either way. I just hope they themselves come to an understanding that they are obviously NOT listening to the Lord if their predictions fail. I can’t help but contrast the words of Jesus about his Kingdom not being of this world, with those who somehow think they can bring God’s kingdom to earth by political means, when Jesus plainly stated that if his kingdom was of the earth, his followers would have fought to the death to prevent his arrest. Thank you.

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