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  1. I don’t know much about Qanon but I did read James Beverly’s intro to his book on the subject. There are too many red flags about this author for me to read the book. One, he has a mixed opinion on the Trump presidency and he believes that I should too. Two, he has great admiration for Thomas Friedman the NYT Trump hater who won one of his three Pulitzer prizes criticizing Israel over the Sabra massacre that they were not involved in. Three, he can’t tell the difference between President Trump and NBC attack dog Savannah Guthrie who is married to Michael Feldman the former chief of staff to Al Gore-duh. He is an alumni of Tyndale, the university that cancelled a scheduled speech by President Bush for 9/20/2011. Hmmm aren’t they a Christian university?

    I suspect that you are getting blowback from listeners in part because the title of your YouTube: “The shocking truth about Qanon” which clearly indicates support for your friends book and sets the tone for the subsequent discussion.

    There is no neutral ground on any subject that has to do with this election. Your Qanon listeners must feel that you are choosing sides. After reading a little about James Beverley and his book I suspect that he is a Trump hater to some degree which negatively affects his credibility with me no matter how well researched his book.

    I know how if feels when I hear God’s voice and I have to place my trust in Him and the delivery of His word through some of the prophets that I have heard in regard to what is going on in this country. May God continue to bless your ministry.

    Rick Roberts

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