1. I am a believer and have an interest in Q.
    Regarding Dr. James Beverly – his article, and interview on your show today:

    Dr. Beverly focused mainly on the pundits of Q, not Q posts. I listen to one pundit – Dave Hayes (Praying Medic). Please invite Dave on your show – I would love to hear that one.

    Why host such a website in such a vile environment? With all of the censorship we are witnessing today, there is an unlikely chance that Q would be taken down. Opinion.

    Take heart – I listen to the modern day prophets: Dutch Sheets, Shawn Bolz, Bobby Conner, Kris Vallotton, Johnathan Cahn, Doug Addison, Rick Joyner, et al.


  2. Interesting broadcast today.
    I think Dr Beverly has missed the whole point of Q.

    I believe that this is military psy op, which favors the conservatives.

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