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  1. I wanted to say that I really appreciated this episode to enlighten my understanding of prophecy. Then, I’d also like to say that I believe that those who spoke that President Trump would win in a landslide were correct. Only lies and fraud have kept that from being revealed.
    Lastly, there could be a real twist to the happenings if what I think I heard in the Spirit is accurate. To save time typing, I’m going to copy and paste an email I sent to a Pastor of a church I have been attending:
    “Dear Pastor Dan,
    I want to share something with you in hopes that if necessary, by what I share, you will be able to comfort and encourage your family and believers.
    Some time I think in February or March (after China released the virus) I started tuning in to Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer at Infowars.com . Although their language isn’t always what Christians would approve, I began to appreciate them. I think it was a month or two ago I had a thought flash. I thought Alex Jones and President Trump were the two witnesses of Revelation. I freaked out for a few minutes as I thought about it and then went to verify if what I thought I had heard in the Spirit matched up with scriptures. At the time I didn’t think it did, so I passed it off. But I’m back to reconsidering after I believe I’ve heard it again in the Spirit.
    But instead of Alex Jones and President Trump, it’s Alex and Owen. They are headed for Washington DC to speak out about the evil and fraud, and to support the president. I believe they have been prophesying for the last 3-1/2 years about what is going on in this corrupt world and our corrupt government, and trying to warn people.
    The world violently hates these two, Alex and Owen because of their words; and in the same manner they also hate President Trump. I think it will only be in their latter days (which we could be approaching soon) that we would physically see a manifestation of Revelation 11:6.
    I think that most Christians and theologians have mis-interpreted Revelation 11:8. I feel like I heard in the Spirit that the mystical Sodom and Egypt is Washington DC. And in the same scripture ‘lord’ is NOT the Messiah, but the ‘lord’ of the two witnesses for God. As in, there are many lords and many kings, but only One King of kings and Lord of lords. President Trump is their lord, as David was king of his people, and there is no evil with that on behalf of Alex and Owen. Both Alex and Owen are believers and ultimately serve the Most High while being faithful and loyal to the ‘lord’ that the Most High has installed in this country at this time.
    At the time I had the initial thought flash; I thought “there is no way that this country would allow anyone’s dead body to lay in the public square”. But, I do believe we have arrived at that point in time. These evil people think there is no recompense for their actions, that they can murder without consequence, and that is why they are proceeding from bad to worse.
    So, if Alex, Owen and President Trump end up being killed, fear not – and be encouraged by all the words of the chapter. “

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