1. After deep thought, I would contradict, on behalf of myself, what the man said regarding judging whether one really believes by asking Trump vs. Biden win. Anyone that knows me would tell you that I believe whoever wins, there could still be major conflict. However, I see Trump in a positive light, with the Most High’s hand turning His heart [I pray for him as I have done for no other president], and guiding him for our good and for the ones who have truly repented and called on HIM to heal this land [America]. I see Biden in a negative way, a darkness, likened to Hitler. If he wins, the Most High does not favor us [me] and we will be thrown into a judgment that we deserve. Anyone who truly believes in the supremacy of the Most High, who believes the scriptures about blessings spelled out in the O.T, also believes that NOTHING can happen without HIS okay [Job for instance] (and for a purpose – whether judgment, blessing, or revelation). Therefore, there had to have been reason why HE allowed Hitler to do what HE did, and to the extent that he did. I am so against much of the extremism that I see. However, I do believe that the scenario will play out with the temple being rebuilt where they are planning, and the anti-messiah will take his seat there, issuing in a false peace and deceiving many. And I also believe the anti-messiah will re-institute [sacrifices], and the death penalty, whether by beheading or other method. And I believe this very well would probably include as its hierarchy the Jewish elite [who call themselves Jews but are not], because it will be all about money and power under the guise of religion, as versus true LOVE. I am thankful for Adam Green because I became aware of issues unknown to me before, and through him, I found you [traced back from Infowars]. That is, a sect of the Jews [who call themselves Jews but are not] who are pushing an evil agenda, for their own selfish purposes. (I personally had only encountered Jewish people who were like myself, with the exception of believing that Messiah has already come, and will soon return.) I pray for Adam Green that he cast out all fear, in order to see clearly, [giving his life over to life or death, because nothing can separate us from HIS love] so as to continue to make his voice heard in a proper way. It is always good to consider [taking up in prayer] EVERY voice, because if we are humble, we realize that HE can use anything or anyone HE wants to teach us.

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