1. Please comment on the New Apostolic Reformation movement as it involves Shaun Feucht’s revival meetings occurring across the West Coast and East Coast. He belongs to A NAR church in CA so is he promoting their non-biblical doctrines?

  2. DR Brown I do like your radio broadcast the line fire of all the Christian apologists I like you the best. I am a full Gospel believer I have been saved since June of 1977 I am not a pastor but I am a student of the word of God the Bible. One of the greatest men of God In the 21st century to me died a couple weeks ago,his name is Wayman Mitchell. I did not go directly to his church but I did get saved from one of the frist churches that was sent out from the congregation he was a Pastor of He was a man that believed in real Christian discipleship. I would like to if you have ever heard of him and if you have what is your opinion.

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