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  1. Someone needs to write a Slavery 101 Course. That one Pastor in referring to Jonathan Edwards having a slave seemed to have forgotten that Jesus Christ with The Father are the ones who designed and created slavery in eternity past. And first thing had Their Own People, the entire Race of the Jews, enslaved for 400 years. And they were further enslaved after possessing the Promise Land by Philistines and Syrians. This is just another area where the US Supreme Court disagrees with The Bible. I have a good friend that is not white that passionately loved Jesus Christ and passionately hated slavery. So we set down and I proceeded to just read scriptures about slavery from the Protestant and Catholic Bible. It wasn’t long before he felt the same about Jesus Christ as he did about slavery.

    Here is a link to a sermon a northern Rabbi preached in 1861 at a New York City Synagogue against going to war over slavery.


    Here’s a quote: “ Northerners should not denounce “a sin which the Bible knows not.” As he put it:” I would not wish slavery on anyone.

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