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  1. Thank you for bringing all this up Dr Michael Brown. We are Christalignment with the Destiny cards. We are the ones at the centre of all the controversy. We receive threatening emails weekly over this!!
    We are not really a fringe group. We are possibly the largest team going in to new age people in the world as we see 6,500 new agers per year. We are doing this 4 days a week on a permanent basis and are currently training a team in Germany and Canada. Yes we are in Australia but we have taken whole Bethel teams with us into festivals. We are actually having a massive impact world wide into new age events but we are undercover. Why? They do not like christians with agendas in events. No where. Never. So we have been doing this for 9 years with a team of 60. So we are not that small. I believe this is why Pirate Christian dislikes us so much. The last thing we are is a fringe group. But we cannot go public often because we would rather stay in festivals than please christians. But we do want to go on your show and clear all this crazy confusion up. In 2017 we were contacted by the Calvinist groups. They said : we are going to take out your ministry and your family as our son is the “ grave sucker” Ben Fitzgerald. He heads up Awakening worldwide. We really value you speaking out and standing up to all the lies. We are now world famous thanks to Pirate Christian media. They have picked on our cards, but actually cards are only 5 mins of our time with the client. We take people on amazing life changing encounters using word of knowledge.
    Ken and Jenny Hodge

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