1. Hello my name is Melody, and I am a gentile. I have been in ministry for 25 years; from cleaning churches to teaching youth and adults; pastoring with my husband; speaking at womens’ conference etc.

    I’m so angry! Years of studying scripture just to find out that Christian bibles have errors translation; especially Hebrew.

    I cannot find a bible with CORRECT Hebrew & Greek translations – like the Pentateuch which rabbis use. And a NT which a Messianic Rabbi would use. I MUST learn all I can! There is a gold mine of facts that can help to increase the kingdom of God.

    Please tell me where and which bible will be the most accurate translation. I appreciate anything you can do!!!!

  2. Dr. Brown will respond to your question during today’s radio broadcast. Thank you for weighing in!

    -AskDrBrown Team

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