1. Hi Dr Brown, Thank you for your ministry. Listening to the a question re: Brownsville along with your comprehensive answer, caused me to again ask myself ‘how’ God the Holy Spirit can or could be responsible for seemingly opposite experiences in or through his church. I am thinking of Toronto mostly, but also to a lesser degree Pensacola and Brownsville (revivals, etc.) Prior to your defense of these ‘movements’ on your broadcast, we had heard mostly negative and critical evangelical commentary focusing on what mostly were bizarre and heterodox behaviors at those events. You must be aware of the numerous reports of the animal-like noises, the weird laughter, the uncontrollable shaking to name but a few. What was the watching world, not to mention much of the church, to think or this activity? But, my original tension involved the “cross purposes” so to speak of the Holy Spirit. As an aside, these outpourings probably were not seen as ‘unifying measures’ for the global body of Christ. Thanks for all you do, esp currently in the defense of biblical sexuality and marriage. GOd bless!

  2. Barry, that’s the whole problem. The reports were bogus or exaggerated. There were no animal noises or weird laughter in Brownsville. (Dr. Brown was not in Toronto and cannot comment on events there.) As for people shaking under God’s power, that has happened in revivals across the world for centuries, and was common in meetings led by Wesley or Whitefield or Jonathan Edwards – meetings which evangelicals hail to this day. We recommend you take the time to separate fact from fiction and read Dr. Brown’s book The Revival Answer Book. This article will also help you: https://askdrbrown.org/library/great-comments-jonathan-edwards-revival-discernment.

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