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  1. I think its interesting how he blurs wrath with tribulation – they are completely separate and should be kept apart. Thlipsis is the world/Satan unjustly persecuting believers for their faith and righteousness, but orge is God’s just punishment of unbelievers for their unbelief and sin. Also they are chronologically separate: Mt 24v29 says that the Sun and Moon will change after the tribulation, but Acts 2 and Joel say that the Day of the Lord/Wrath will be after the Sun and Moon change. The distinction is important! We are not appointed to wrath – but we are appointed to tribulation. Also, Jesus returns in the Day – and our gathering to him happens in the Day – which cannot come until the Man of Sin is revealed, and is after the Sun and Moon change – and that is the 6th seal. Glad to take questions/answers 🙂

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