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  1. Dr. Brown, you expressed surprise that according to the exit polls, the greatest issue among Christians who went and voted was the economy, and you asked how it could make any moral sense to have such a priority. Well I’m surprised that you’re surprised. Christians are people too and the economy has a profound impact on their daily lives. You’re right that we have it better here in America than in most parts of the world, but people don’t live there. They live here. And the sluggish economy has stalled any real progress for many people for a number of years. Why wouldn’t that be a big concern? The reason there’s a difference between your own poll and the exit polls is simple. You’re asking people in the context of a Christian program, where people then think about the spiritual and moral issues that matter to them. But when asked by a secular exit pollster, the main thing that will naturally come to mind is the thing that weighs on them personally every day. It’s really that simple. And that really shouldn’t be any surprise. It just shows that people are hurting out there, and aren’t nearly as obsessed with the moral issues as you are. Though of course those issues do matter to them.

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