1. There is a scripture that is disciple said; Where Lord? And he said Wherever the carcass is, there the vulture (Eagles) will gather. Some say that this is a proverb and have many meaning about what it means. What does it really mean or your understanding of this passage. I’ve read a passage in the book of Revelation in which God calls all the Birds flying high overhead to come and gather together for a great supper of God. So that you may eat the flesh of kings…Rev 19:17-18. Some how I thing Yeshua was alluding to this. What do you think?

  2. Dr. Brown, your argument is that we have made a trade off with Trump. The good that he has done (and is doing) outweighs the bad that he does. He gave us a better economy after all. Even better he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Even better he put great judges on the courts. And so I agree that the trade off is worth it — especially compared to where Hillary would have taken us. But you’re missing the even bigger picture here. Hillary would not only have taken us in the wrong direction on the things we care about, she would have continued — wittingly or unwittingly — the move that Satan was clearly attempting to orchestrate to severely weaken America, push the leftist globalist agenda, and prepare the world, it would seem, for the Antichrist (or at least an antichrist precursor). To me, this is why God put Trump in. He was truly God’s “trump” card here to thwart Satan’s plans. But God isn’t just stopping something very evil. God is also opening the door for something very good. To me, God is clearly preparing for a massive harvest of souls — and He wants America to play a critical role in this harvest. Now maybe you don’t see that, or maybe you don’t believe that. But honestly, that’s why I see this as way bigger than you seem to be seeing. One other point. Could it be that God also wants to divide the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares? In other words, could the division that Trump is causing actually be linked to God’s plan to bring an end-time division here? I for one think it is quite possible. In other words, God didn’t just pick Trump as the best man for the job. He has been preparing Trump for this his whole life — warts and all. If so, then that would make your “trade-off” argument actually wrong. Think about it.

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