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  1. Regarding Republicans and Democrats, you like to say that there is right on both sides and wrong on both sides. Which roughly means they’re pretty much equivalent. Of course that is far from the truth. Which party is taking us away from our Christian foundations and which one is attempting to preserve those foundations? Is there really any comparison? To me, one party looks like Satan is guiding a lot of what they are doing, while the other party looks like God is moving through them. What’s up with the equivalence then? Well, you might say we need the compassion that the Democrats show. But this compassion all too frequently means ignoring the rule of law and having judges do what is right in their own eyes. But how can a country long stand when the rule of law is so blatantly ignored? That’s a recipe for accelerating cultural descent into whatever our carnal natures feel like at the moment. Please reconsider your lumping of both parties into the same deplorable bucket.

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