Do You Know What’s Happening in South Africa?

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Dr. Brown speaks with a South African pastor about some very disturbing developments in that nation. Listen live here 3-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Hi Dr Brown

    Thank for the Opportunity to comment concerning each show and a Big Thank You for taking interest always in our Country South Africa. I listened to Pastor Andre again as I did the last time and I sincerely apologize for the ignorance I had regarding white farmers being killed.

    As he said most of these things are not reported (In Full) on the Media and in a Democratic Country like SA censoring the media is unheard of. We hear of these killings but not in the magnitude he is portraying, it is something to be followed up on.. Certainly, and to be repudiated by the Government immediately. We heard many farm killings in the mid-nineties (I was a child then) but according to the stats we have, the killings have gone down , but that is proven to be untrue by Pastor Andre. I’m even shocked by the Military picture portrayed there. People killing farmers are treated as murderers in our country as we have a normal Justice System, similar to that of many countries in the world today. Or at least it should be so.

    What pains my heart is that Pastor Andre is portraying South African blacks as the most Primitive, dark-ages type of people. Firstly the Land issue is a very contentious one (I agree) and various political parties have different views on it based on our Very Recent Apartheid History. The President Has said and I quote “Things have to be done in a reasonable manner”. Certain political parties are calling for occupying land without compensation (Which I DISAGREE WITH ) . Nelson Mandela called the nation to forgive and forget the past , however other certain black people feel they were robbed and are still under privileged because of the past.

    I think the most painful thing I heard pastor Andre say which almost brought me to tears is that “God blessed them because they are Christians and WE black people have been worshiping ancestors hence we are not blessed”. This is the reason why other Black South Africans refuse to believe in Christ because he is said to be “the God of the White man” who gave them rights to commit atrocities against black people. We know this is not the case. I have his email address not and I will send him an email. And I need to EMPHASIZE this Dr Brown “Only (Nominal) non-born again black Christians still Worship Ancestors. Those who are truly Born-again like me Don’t Worship Ancestors Dr Brown, it is one of the first things addressed when we come to faith in Jesus.

    But please do pray with us, we are in need of your prayers. We are believers in Jesus which is unites us across racial lines. We Many Multi-racial churches in our country.

    Thank You

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