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  1. Regarding Sola Fide:

    The Catholic Church teaches that if you do not repent of a grave sin, you will lose your salvation; so I don’t understand what a Protestant would object to exactly.

    Martin Luther came up with this idea of faith alone, but if you read his writings, it is clear that what he is talking about is something very different from what most Protestants would hold to. His theology of ‘sinning boldly’ is something that any Christian with a conscience (and any human being following the basic morality of the natural law) would completely eschew. It is just fundamentally at odds with what God has conferred upon human reason.

    Let’s say I commit adultery. I know full well that this is a grave sin against God but I do it anyway. If I were to commit this sin and then die before repenting to God, I would go to hell. The whole issue concerns the state of one’s soul upon their death. Of course we have a filial relationship with God. This means that he is always willing to take us back. His willingness to save us is always there. That never changes, for God wills that all men be saved. The prodigal son, however, returned to his father’s house. That’s the whole point. If he had not repented, he would not have been taken in. He would have perished.

  2. Rabbi Tovia Singer said that the Septuagint was only the first five Books of Moses and not the prophets nor the writings is this true ?

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