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  1. RE: The Christmas Debate

    If the enemies of Jesus Christ (the secular humanists and the militant atheists–aka the Satanists) despise Christmas so much and make such noise blaspheming God on this day in particular, doesn’t that indicate that we’re probably on the right track when we celebrate this Holiday?

    These people who call in claiming that Christmas is pagan are sadly deluded. Of course there were pagan holidays at this time of year–there were pagan Holidays at all times of the year. There are pagan Holidays around Easter, too, but we know for sure that we celebrate Easter at the right time because it falls when Passover does. (Easter is the Christian Passover–called “Passover” in every language except English and German). People need to do a little research.

    Speaking as a Catholic, I see, inevitably, the fruit of the Reformation here, the bad fruit of fallacious restorationism: the stripping away of Christian heritage, demolishing the bulwark of Christian civilization, being ashamed at the name “Christian” and at the symbols of Christianity. It is really no wonder that the perversions of false ideologies have made such grounds in Western society.

    Whether we like it or not, Christmas happened. Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea. The least we can do is acknowledge the birth of Our Saviour.

    Joy to the world! The Lord is come! Let earth receive her King!

    Peace of Christ to you, Dr. Brown

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