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  1. Hi Dr Brown

    Thank you for continuing to answer questions on many important subjects and giving clear warnings, labeling as dangerous even, certain doctrines which are potentially harmful to the body of Christ. Your stand is an example to us all.

    One issue I would like to bring up relating to this broadcast is the matter of Mike Bickle and Lou Engle.

    You say that you would “gladly work with them….they love the Lord….they love the word…”

    What is your position on Ecumenism, Dr Brown? It is clearly gaining momentum as a movement and both Mike and Lou have been involved in major recent events like Together 2016 and Kairos 2017.

    You say you don’t agree with them on every point, well of course not, but what about this?

    At what point do you flag this up a provide a clear warning as you are so able to do?

    If they love the word they wouldn’t be promoting Ecumenism. If they love Jesus, I would ask, which Jesus are they pointing to?

    Again, thank you for your broadcasts which I continue to listen to regularly, being edified and educated in the process.



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