Atonement without Blood? And the Truth about the Khazars

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Dr. Brown interacts with traditional Jewish teaching that says there can be atonement without blood, gives further information refuting the idea that today’s Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the Khazars, and takes your Jewish-related calls. Listen live here 3-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. As Dr. Brown points out, the end-times enemy of God is a COALITION of nations. This is the Beast from the Sea. The United Nations is a likely candidate–either the current entity or some future successor. It will establish a worldwide reign of terror to persecute the followers of Christ. Regarding Gog and Magog, I believe this to be a reference to two specific people-groups who will unite to harass the Church, their common enemy. I believe these groups to be Communism and Islam. This is beginning in our time: the Left allies itself with Islam towards the undermining of Christianity in the West.

  2. As many point out, the Left and Islam are strange bedfellows and yet they are allied with each other. Why is this? Because they have a common goal: the annihilation of Christianity and the Christian people.

  3. Intermarriage is the real issue.

    The Ashkenazic Jews, the Jews who settled in what is now Ukraine, intermarried with the people of that region, many of whom were Turkic. (They obviously intermarried with the native Slavic population, as well.) The phenomenon of intermarriage with non-Jews (and the often-overlooked practice of assimilating non-Jews into the community through abduction) is relevant because it calls into question the precise nature of the modern Jews’ descent from Abraham, upon which their claim to be God’s chosen people, and, most significantly of all, their right to Palestine, is predicated. It is inevitable that many Jews today (perhaps even most) have little to no actual genealogical connection to the Biblical patriarch. The reality is that those Jews who do not possess the faith of Abraham, which, as the Lord tells us, is Christianity, or even the bloodline of Abraham, are not Jews at all.

    Therefore, Evangelical arguments for enthusiastically supporting their claim to Palestine are moot.

  4. Thank you Dr. Brown for your honesty and insight concerning the Jews of today and their claim to Paliestine and progeny of Abraham. I was very skeptical and confused about this issue,ThankYou,Thank You!

  5. The Ashkenazi are Jews. However, they do have significant non-Jewish ancestry, which is not the case with the Sephardi. Thus, their descent from Abraham is rather nebulous (but this is not to say that it is completely non-existent). As Paul tells us, ‘Avoid genealogical discussions.’ The true Jews are those who accept the true Messiah of Israel (as opposed to the false messiah who is coming). All others ‘say that they are Jews but do lie.’ When the Jews convert, then they will be true Jews, inheritors of the promise made to Abraham, alongside the gentile Christians, and this is what we pray for. Praying for anything else or supporting any other cause is futile and, most importantly, against the Gospel.

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