A Special ‘Best Of’ Broadcast: Inside Mormonism

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Dr. Brown speaks with Dr. Lynne Wilder, formerly a tenured professor at Brigham Young University, author of the book Unveiled Grace. Mormon, ex-Mormons, and all interested believers are invited to listen live here 3-4 pm EST. Looking for the original title? Check out Dr. Brown’s Facebook live session where he examines some of the strengths and weaknesses of the left and right and looks in particular at DACA and immigration, here.


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  1. Enjoyed the program. Can you give the scriptures such as: do nothing in secret,do not add to the scriptures etc. I am praying for a 19 year old girl who became Mormon . She cleaned up her life from drug addiction etc. so I am not wanting to “set her back” .by exposing the deception of Mormonism. Do you have any advice?

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