A New Perspective on the Slaughter of the Canaanites; Why Israel Matters; and the Coming Solar Eclipse

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Dr. Brown speaks with Prof. John Walton about his new book The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest, then with Dr. Gerald McDermott about his new book Israel Matters, then discusses whether there is spiritual significance to the eclipse on Monday, and takes your Jewish-related calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. I don’t see what Prof Walton is saying that is all that new or that changes the moral question about how God destroyed the Canaanites. Those of us who believe the OT and the covenant with Abraham, the call of Moses,the Exodus and the conquest of the land normally understand the killing of the Canaanites as a cleansing of the land to allow Israel to possess the land and for God to have a sanctuary there and a priesthood for Himself in that land. I appreciate the added insights regarding Genesis 15:16 but that does not change anything except that we can’t see the conquest of the land just as a judgment on the Amorites.
    The fact remains that God had to totally cleanse the land of unbelieving people.
    Is Prof Walton saying that God never wanted to kill them but have them leave willingly or join with Israel as part of the covenant people? And if they did not, then kill them, unavoidably? Have I missed something here? I know I should read the book, but can’t see the point so far.

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