Shocking News from South Africa, and Wisdom for Christians in America

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown speaks with S. African leader Andre Vaynol about an unreported crisis in his country; in the second hour, he’ll discuss Ann Coulter’s concerns about President Trump and what Christians can learn from this. He’ll also take calls following up from yesterday’s show on reaching out to the critics. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. With respect to the pastor you interviewed, in the limited time available, his take on South African violence was very simplistic. Violence in this country is shockingly high; gender-based violence being endemic, and though farm killings are admittedly under-reported, criminal violence in general is at a very high level. Yes, we do have a history of tribalism, but our main political problem presently is corruption and state capture by a powerful immigrant family from India and has nothing to do with tribalism. Tribalism was explicitly renounced by the ANC many decades ago, and the fact that our president happens to be a Zulu has very little to do with our current woes. South Africa is a complex, damaged society, which yet manages to produce astonishing individuals and fine Christians (and non-Christians) from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our problem, as with the USA, is Christian nominalism, because we are supposed to be a largely Christian nation, and apartheid itself was developed and enforced by people who claimed to be upholding “Christian civilisation”.

  2. Thank you for having this S. African leader on. I had not heard of this huge Christian gathering, nor of the plight of the commercial farmers there. You could truly feel the emotion in his voice and sense how significant this gathering must have been to get half of all Christians in the country together on such short notice. But for heavens sake then, why did you go on to trivial stuff like your critique of Ann Coulter?? At the end of your column on her you say, “Only God can turn around a nation like that, and that’s why America’s greatest need is a great revival in the Church that will become a great awakening in the society”. But honestly, if you actually believe that, then why wouldn’t you have spent more time talking about what could actually be the very thing you say you want? Does discussing Ann Coulter’s mistakes really move you more than a historic gathering of Christians? Why are we talking about Ann Coulter anyway (except perhaps in passing)?? So she put too much faith in Trump. And so we shouldn’t make the same mistake. Beyond that, I don’t see the point. I did hear something historic and humbling listening to that S. African leader. And wow I would like to hear more about that. Something that truly matters. Alas, you could say my mistake was putting too much confidence in you. Listening to this podcast was quite discouraging.

  3. “…why did you go on to trivial stuff like your critique of Ann Coulter??”

    Why did you go on to trivial stuff like your critique of Dr. Brown regarding his critique of Ann Coulter?

    “But honestly, if you actually believe that, then why wouldn’t you have spent more time talking about what could actually be the very thing you say you want?”

    Why didn’t you do the same in your original comment?

    For the record, although I think your critique is unwarranted and misguided, I still believe critiques have their place. Just think it’s a bit disingenuous to label someone’s critique as trivial by doing the same thing (self-defeating). After all, the majority of your comment was about Ann Coulter (the very thing you faulted Dr. Brown for).

  4. Hi Dylan, I would hope we all want God to move in our lives and in our country. So when I heard of something historic happening, my ears really perked up. It’s just that some things are really important while other things pale in comparison. And it was disappointing to me that Dr. Brown was caught up by something of clearly lesser importance. I’d hoped that our revival leaders wouldn’t so easily be drawn away like this. Can you see how easy it is for us to miss the really big things God is doing? What will it take for the U.S. to come together like these Christians in S. Africa did? Was your heart stirred by the news of this gathering?

  5. Hi Dean, Dr. Brown covers a number of different subjects on each show, and it appears that he felt it was important to interact with issues regarding the USA as well. Listeners constantly tell us that they appreciate the diversity of topics covered on each show, and it could be that God really burdened you re: S. Africa and that you should be praying accordingly rather than faulting Dr. Brown.

    Thanks for reaching out and following up. Blessings!

  6. Dear Dr Brown/Dylan (Team)

    I so appreciate you doing a show on South Africa and showing interest in us, being a South African myself who has followed Dr Brown for 3 years consistently it brings joy to my heart. However genuine as the Pastor sounds I doubt what he’s saying is the TRUE Picture of South Africa for Several Reasons. Allow me to mention them in Point Form:

    1. South Africa is a Democratic Country, there is nothing like Media Censorship. The brutal killings in the Farms have been reported in the past and Nothing recent has come out in as far as that is concerned (I’m currently doing research on this matter) but Media is as Liberal as any Democratic Country and killings are abhorred and repudiated by Government across all races.

    2. When Agnus Buchman called a solemn assembly it was not due to brutal killings in Farms (Many South Africans would be shocked to hear this) it was due to the Explosion of corruption in the Government, Crime in General and the Decline of the nation on a holistic basis. Agnus Buchman is truly the Billy Graham of South Africa and The Lord has used him greatly to call the Nation to their knees, he’s absolutely right about that.

    3. South Africa is Not ruled by Tribalism or a certain tribe but by An Elected Government, they may be corrupt but they have been elected in , God willing in 2019 they will be elected out. This is incorrect to the core. Secondly on this note South Africa is made of 11 Black Tribes (Yes) but the Non-Blacks in the country are not only White but Indians, Chinese,Jews, Greeks, etc (Hence the Rainbow Flag representing a Rainbow Nation)

    4. The Black Born Again Believers (Myself being one) do not mix Christianity with Ancestral Worship. People who do this are Nominal Christians who do practice Christianity beyond Sunday Religious Church or those who go to cults. Black Born-Again Christians have no disagreements with regards to this matter , we are clear.

    I understand the show was meant to inspire Believers to pray for our Country (please do pray for us) but my concern is you received a picture that if I was not a South African I would be scared to go anywhere near the country. I know you’re genuine you wouldn’t know for sure unless you’re told.I’m now even scared Dr Brown will never set foot in my country (I assure you Dr Brown you can come and Minister no one will lay a hand on you, ask Dr James White :-)).I know many who love and follow you in South Africa.

    Kind Regards
    Lebo (SA)

  7. Lebo,

    Thanks so much for posting your comments, and Dr. Brown wants you to know that we will be sure to share these as well with our listeners.

  8. This is not true John . Corrupt as President Zuma is, he has not called for Black to seize the Land. The ANC (And I’m not an ANC Supporter) has agreed that the recovery of Land to the Blacks is a complicated process , one and processes have to be put in place to in order for Black People to have Land Restitution. As a matter of fact I was listening to POWER fm weeks ago when an ANC member was interviewed about this issue of land and they strongly spoke against it. Instead it is the EFF Party that is calling for “Land Grab” and EFF is not in power at the moment. The source is wrong, Who is the source by the way?

  9. I’m a white South African, and I go along with Lebo’s remarks. It doesn’t do our country a service to over-simplify or exaggerate the situation in South Africa. That said, the Angus Buchan assembly in Bloemfontein was awesome. God is answering prayer by shining a searchlight on the extent of top-level corruption at the moment, it is painful, and we must be patient. I am hopeful that God will bring breakthrough, as He has done in the past, against all odds.

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