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Dr. Brown takes your calls and answers your questions, also explaining why translators vary so much at Genesis 49:10 (he planned to explain this on yesterday’s show, for those who were expecting it). Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Fresh on the heels of his best-selling supernatural book, The Unseen Realm, Dr. Michael Heiser has launched another mind grenade with Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ!We will also include Dr. Brown’s exclusive LOF interview with Dr. Heiser. Order Online Here!

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  1. Deut 30:19,brought God alive not distant.So much the 30th ch of Deuteronomy is the renewable Contract witnessed by Judges. Renewed by the Founders to receive Providence.Many witnessed supernatural providence and guidance throughout the Revolutionary War. The Preamble is a testimonials to God’s hand on America. Secondly Deut ch 28:1 -14, the blessings for obedience to the law having been so wonderfully manifested Itself in their hearts and minds The Preamble affirms and We the People,until heaven and earth pass away,have a contract if We can keep it. Deut 30:19,is Mosaic and Nature’s law combined. As you know more than not we’re choosing death at every turn. Childless marriages pets replacing children everything the Left wants to end life. Have I envocated The law wrongfully. A curse is promised to that people who choose death (obama choose death in opposition to Nature’s law) and we’re paying for it. I’d like to hear your criticisms and such

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