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  1. If Adam and Eve and their children were the first humans on earth who did they marry-their sisters? Is there any scriptural evidence of other human beings on earth in addition to Adam and Eve and their children?
    Non believers always use this to discredit the biblical account of creation. Can you please clarify this. I believe that of course there were other human beings created and placed in other places on the earth and those are the people whom Adam and Eve’s children married.

  2. Dr. Brown please expound on the “Real Jews: vs the “Fake Jews” from the “Synagogue of Satan.” Are the Real Jews those who follow the Torah and are awaiting the coming of the Messiah ( but they just dont know that Jesus is he and he already came) and the Fake Jews are those who follow the Talmud and live immorally?
    Also should Christians support Zionism and believe that God’s covenant with The Children of Israel still stands and all of the land in Israel belongs to them even today?

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