Focus on the USA and Israel, then on Black Hebrew Israelites

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown looks at the latest developments with Israel and the USA, along with some thoughts on the Hebrew Scriptures and also takes your Jewish-related calls. In the second hour, he will speak with Sar-Sharaht Ma’asehyahu, himself a black Jewish follower of Yeshua, about the Black Hebrew Israelite Heresy, the major groups, what they believe, how to reach people within the groups, and why many blacks are drawn to them. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. I found the information shared today gave great insight on the BHI followers. I would like to know about the pictures of the black bible characters from Abraham to Jesus and his disciples. This group shows pictures of them being dark skinned or black and the pictures are all in Russia. Are they black or dark skinned.

  2. Some people are beginning to read the BHI information and are beginning to believe these people. They are calling it the new hate for truth. How can we convince them that this is the wrong way to educate the world about the blacks in the bible. The BHI is mostly showing hate and trying to pull people away from the church. Some have left their church or refuse to listen to their Pastor who are not talking about the blacks in the bible. If the black ministers don’t address it in the church, they see them as sell outs for not telling their members the truth. What do you do?

  3. I’m very interested in any other resources or information by Sar-Sharaht Ma’asehyahu. I can’t seem to find any, though. Any help?

  4. Greetings Mae,

    You are referring to the Russian icons (as seen in the book by the same name – Many of the eastern church’s images are of people of color. Indeed, the early biblical characters were people of darker skin. The problem comes when we attempt to refer to people in antiquity as “black.” Any conversation about nationality is not necessarily a discussion about race OR color. People in America get these things confused and it is the root of much disagreement. The easiest way to understand what -some- people mean by the biblical characters being “black” is to imagine what their status would have been during the 1700’s in America by how they looked alone. I think this is what some mean by “black.” Yet, no…the biblical characters were not “black Hamitic Africans” by nationality or blood – they were “Shemitic (Semitic) Hebrews or Easterners” (and most assuredly not “Japhetic Europeans”). Please consult the ancient “Table of Nations” in Genesis chapter 10 for biblical lineage information. Yet remember the admonition from the book of I Timothy 1:4. I hope this helps to answer your question.

    Grace and Peace


  5. Greetings Gene,

    What would you like to know or have from my works? Send me an email address and I can send some information to you. Also, I gave my information in the September 8th show. I would revisit that episode for more information. Grace and Peace


  6. Greetings Barksdale,

    I think that you have answered a portion of your question within your question. If people are leaving your church for pastors not bringing out ALL truth as they understand it, then people will continue to be dissatisfied with the outcome from attending. We should not expect ministers to cater to every whim of their congregants…no. Yet, a minister should understand the needs of his sheep. This is why Dr. Brown had me on. People are requesting that this topic be tackled. Therefore, it was a responsibility he felt he had to shoulder for the body to be edified. “Feed the sheep” or continue to lose the children to cults who WILL address the cultural and esoteric information they seek. This is why the line of fire is so important.

    Grace and Peace,


  7. Karl Naphtali,

    If you are attempting to reach me for questions it is best to contact me here on this thread. Your email is not functioning properly.

    Grace and Peace,


  8. Dr. Brown,
    I called “Line of Fire” in July 2016 and asked for your help in obtaining information I could use to talk with my son who has believed some of the proclamations of the Black Israelites. I waited a looong time to ask my question but it felt worthwhile because I hoped I would hear useful information. You told me that the beliefs of the BI are straight from the pit of hell. You said he should be careful about following these beliefs. The call was over in a flash; disconnected. I was sooooo disappointed. I have been praying, reading , studying ad crying out to our Father for understanding and information that will be meaningful to my well-versed young adult son. I am glad to see that you have addressed this topic more completely. It would be most helpful if scripture and documented history is used to refute some of their major arguemnets i.e. Deut 28:64 slave ships to return to Egypt or how could Jesus, Joseph and Mary “hide” in Egypt if they were not dark like Egyptians. Let’s keep the conversation going!! Paula

  9. Hello SAR-SHARAHT MA’ASEHYAHU I am eternally grateful for this segment,I was wonder you have anymore resources on this topic…

  10. Greetings Ernest,

    Please see my comment to Paula above for the other show we have done. As soon as I graduate, I will return to my specific content studies in this area and write articles concerning this matter. Please also find a book called “Barack Obama vs. the Black Hebrew Israelites”. Interesting read and the author quotes my work.


  11. I notice that when it is said that Esau has a debt to pay for the murder of millions of isrealites in the slave trade.They want to move past what was done. That would be like not remembering where their parents relatives were buried. They have burial memorials of their forefathers all over the country but our relatives that they murdered should be forgotten about. They always say that was then not now. They cannot be forgiven without repentance which they will not do. They are under Elohims judgement but look past the fact they won’t even ask to be forgiven and repent. Even today they commit the same crimesover and over again. Which is why Elohim will judgement will be righteous. It has nothing to do with love but all to do with Elohims righteous judgement. They are putting a seal on their own room.

  12. Hello Brother SAR-SHARAHT MA’ASEHYAHU I want to read more about your beliefs, doctrine or religion. I agree with much you said in the podcast. Where can I get the information I seek. What is the name of the spiritual organization’s website?
    Thanks and complete wholeness to you

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