Together We Are Making a Difference

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Dr. Brown gives examples of the pushback against radical left activism in America and abroad, also sharing some powerful, personal testimonies and taking your calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Memorial Service
    There is much that can be learned from the recent memorial service that you had Dr. Brown for your mother. When I refer to your family I only do this with the utmost respect, and not in a flippant manner.

    It is quite amazing that you had a gay Rabbi do the service. Amazing from the point of view that is and was very appropriate and loving. Your mother and father could not be more proud. Everything about this was done in a respectful and profound demonstration of the love G_d has for each one of us. I am not saying this is amazing from the point of view that you have a change of heart, or opionions, no not at all. Amazing from the point of view where it demonstrates the love you have for your fellow man no matter how opposite of the living that G_d has for our lives.

    I buy quite a few of your books to pass out to others that I think can be impacted by the sound arguments that you can make. Even if I had your knowledge base, and I do not, I cannot just share the knowledge and the person changes. It takes a prayful and work of G_d to make that change in someone. You can see this clearly at the service you attended. Your sister who’s brother debates Rabbis and has a radio program/ videos/ and websites to show who the messiah is does not cross the line.

    How are we expected to change the world when you can give all the available information to someone and they do not respond.? Martin Luther soured on this and we can see where that leads to. Solomon would have called all the efforts vanity. I do not think these efforts are in vain, but it is clear from this service for your mother that only by the power of G_d can there be any fruit. It will take a messiah, and of course we believe the second phase to flip this reality into a different realm.

    Thank you for what you do, and I hope you can have the Rabbi on your program to share and teach on one of your Thursday programs. There is profound knowledge that all sides can learn. In the end Solomon would have said it is all in vain, only the love for one another in our families/communities/and humanity is all that we can do. G_d will do the out of this world stuff.

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