One Day Before the Elections

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Dr. Brown shares his latest thoughts and insights on this day before election day. The phones will also be open. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. I think so many people are embarrassed to say they’re voting for Trump and for that reason everyone will be flabbergasted when he wins!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Benjamin!

    Ha!!! It’s that I knew so many family members and friends had no choice but to vote for him and I felt the same way! I wrote a rather long post on my Facebook about why I voted as I did because the vitriolic posts following the election got to be too much and I think many “livid liberals” want to put all of us in one basket so they can brand us as the “enemy,” so I wrote up my thoughts about why so many people of religious beliefs quietly voted for President-elect Trump…because you know, they really are clueless!!


  3. Sheila, yes. So much hatred and lies being thrown around out there right now. You’d be amazed at how many youtube videos are out there now where conservatives interview leftists and the leftists always call Donald Trump a racist because of his stance on illegal immigration. The conversations typically go like this:

    (Textual play on words inside mimicing foul language (I believe only once))

    And this isn’t an isolated case, there are many videos using this same line of logic leading to the insanity we are seeing today.

    It’s amazing, and these are college students typically who have no grasp of what illegal immigration means, they think that if you are an immigrant, Trump wants to deport you. No, no, no. Immigrants are welcome, but the illegal ones are here illegally. They just don’t grasp that concept and distinction and so they label Trump and Republicans as racists.

  4. Hi Benjamin,

    I see that too. There’s a few words that are thrown at people ad nauseum that are meant to do one thing–silence the opposition. Want to shut up someone who disagrees with you, just throw out the “bigot” or “racist” word and everyone points the finger at you. True discussion isn’t happening much anymore.

    I can’t understand why college students are in the state of mind they’re in? Well, maybe. Many ultra-liberal professors are teaching their own point of view and not equipping their students with any other viewpoint so they can come to their own conclusions. There seems to be the worst case of herd mentality on campuses these days and anyone who is not ultra-liberal is considered ignorant and the enemy of all good things…

    So sad.

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