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  1. To Niel, the gentleman in his 30’s whos wife has had chronic headaches for the last 5 years, there are a number of causes, but one you might look into is if your wife has amalgam fillings in her mouth, those can cause chronic headaches and may need to be removed if you consult a specialist and replace with another option.

    There are also other causes such as muscle/bite issues where the jaw is tense or other facial muscles and this can also cause constant headaches.

    But if shes has fillings in her teeth, look into Amalgam Headaches and see if maybe this is something that might help her.

    This is just a video showing how the mercury in the fillings contstantly leeches into your body from the fillings.

  2. Joel Richardson’s Islamic anti-Christ theory is not plausible at all. Moreover, it is a smoke screen, a diversion. The early Christians would have known from where the Son of Perdition would arise. It would have been plain as day for them. Christ was conceived of the Holy Ghost and born of a righteous Hebrew virgin. Antichrist will be the offspring of fornication, born to an unrighteous Jewish woman. Because Judaism and Islam are essentially the same religion, Antichrist will have no problem at all uniting Jews and Muslims (along with pagans, liberals, and all the idolaters and devil-worshippers of the world) against their common enemy, the Church of God. Come, Lord Jesus.

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