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  1. Dr. Brown,
    re: LOF Progressive Sanctification / Hyper Grace

    What do you think about addressing the problem by pointing out the simple fact that, under the OT (that which offers insight into God’s righteously saving us by grace through the faith in Messiah [2 Ti 3:15]), various types of Commandments stood side-by-side–i.e., that the “Eidut”-type Commandments do not at all need to negate the “Mishpatim”- or “Chukkim”-type ones but that they (have already and) may co-exist?

  2. I was surprised today when you said abortion is killing black babies, you have forgotten that the same white evangelicals embraced and supported the woman that introduced the parenthood and they did nothing to stop her at that time.
    2. Donald Trump is not a born again, he never attended a church nor member’s of any denomination, and he never ask for forgiveness, and he said he never do wrong that will make him apologize. Ponder about this Dr.
    3. There are TWO GOD in United State: God of White people and the God of Black people living in the same country. preaching on their ideology and feelings.

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