A Christian Response to Terrorism; Election Thoughts; and the Word

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Dr. Brown speaks with Eric Miller, a FIRE missionary serving in Davao, where the terrorist bombing just took place, then shares his latest thoughts on presidential politics and Christian attitudes, then looks at important scriptural truths. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. At what point do you draw a line and say no more? Obama says he is a Christian and he lies and lies he allows Christians to be murdered around the world and does nothing but continues to back muslims over Christians. where is the line drawn what point do we wash our hands of him and say no more. he is responsible for the death of unborn children. i understand praying for him but in no way is he my representative. he is evil claiming to be good which is the worst. he has the spirit of the anti-christ.

  2. Does the missionary interviewed at the beginning of this video even live in Davao City? Either that, or he is so far removed from the common Filipinos in that city that he has no idea what life is actually like there.

    He says there is very little crime? No Drugs? Davao has the highest crime index rate in all of the Philippines.

    On average some one is murdered in Davao City each day of the year, some one is robbed every 6 hours, someone is physically assaulted every 4 1/2 hours, and there is a theft every 2 hours. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s region XI director recently said out of the 182 barangays in Davao, 67 were classified as ‘moderate’, while three are in the ‘severe’ level in terms of the presence of illegal drug users and dealers. There is a major drug problem in the city.

    How can someone live there as this missionary claims and not know this?

  3. dear brother brown I am a black woman who did not vote for Mr. Obama ,I did not understand his value ,on what make him a Christian ,keep listen to him .and rev wright ,am a born again Christian I have a strong believer In God words ,we all have sin ,and fall short of the Glory of God ,I love him with a wholehearted love I see all the sin abomination before God ;you don’t hare you self talking ,about Clinton ,and trump ,God will take care of us all ,if we continue in sin ,our massage ,to let people know ,that if they don’t repent I will be as like the time of Noah sudden ,we are the like of the world ,I think you are in both world ,let us convince the world like Moses ,stand still this day and see the salvation of the lord ,there was many things you said I listing to, but to slander people ,some one family ,people hare you on this station we hare about trump 3 wife ,devoice is sin before God, said forgive 7o/7o he forgive us all if we ask him ,we all can go into our prayer closed ,and talk to him It him how will solaced the saint to Jude the world not the price ,I am trusting lead me to the pole’s am praying dally for the world this country ,for godly leaders pastor ,and that he will guild, lead, forgive,derrec all man to do what write in his sight ,I will ask if you will ,reply ,please I don’t like what are coming over the radio ,politic ,be bless

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