Craig Keener Talks About the New Cultural Background Bible

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Dr. Brown speaks with Prof. Craig Keener about the brand new Cultural Background Bible (Dr. Keener served as the editor of the New Testament portion of the Bible.) Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. This new site format will take some getting used to. Took me awhile to figure out where the archives were and the comment sections. At first I thought maybe the comment ability was removed. Glad to see I just had to dig around a bit.

  2. re: Minute 36
    Craig Keener says “what the Pharisees believed on paper wasn’t really what Yehoshua objected to”; but wasn’t it exactly this which He, at times (e.g., Mt 15, 19, 23), had objected to?

  3. I asked the question today dealing with 1 Cor.14:34-35; 1 Tim. 2:11-15. After hearing Dr. Brown and Dr. Keener respond. It struck me that if the women were not as learned it may have not only been due to the position women held in society but also the blessing they had in society to keep the home. See it seems that if men were the learned ones in the Word of God, they then would be equip to instruct according to the knowledge they had of the Word. For example, when my wife is going to leave our four kids home with me for a day, she will often instruct in me about habits, schedules and duties, since my daily experience is mostly away from the home at work. She will instruct me according to the knowledge she has from her experience of home keeping and child raising. Adam may have been the same with Eve, instructing her about the up keep of the garden, good fruit, rip fruit if there was even anything unripe or bad in the garden. My point being that we share knowledge and you can’t share what you don’t have due to what ever circumstance. Apparently during those times according to what was said on the program today, women had information, but it was more so about child raising and home making. That was due to their position and men were taught the scripture from boyhood. Jesus did say, “we speak of what we know and bear witness to what we have seen” Jn. 3:11 if I may borrow from that to say, we can’t instruct or offer good information off what we don’t know and what we haven’t seen. So those taught share with those that teach. I hope this helps anyone, it just opened up to me this way when they were speaking of the subject. I hope this doesn’t contradict the Truth in anyway. I really hear this topic more so when speaking to people at work and not in a church setting, so I know it’s not something to be ignored. Thanks

  4. re: approx 1:08:00
    Could the “death penalty” aspect of the punishment have been the fact that Paul had delivered the sinner over to satan for the destruction of his flesh (so that he might repent)?

  5. This is a worthy project and one I hope inspires those who love the word of God to study and understand the very context and circumstances the words of our God come to us.
    Having such necessary information side by side with the texts of scripture will no doubt help furnish and inspire all serious students of the Bible to see that our faith is carved out of the very stuff of human history and reality. It makes the Christian belief that God in the person of His Son did indeed live and walk among us or that the word became flesh a more comforting and vivid revelation.

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