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  1. Hi, I called in at the last minute, in response to another caller’s concern for her friend.

    I was stumbling a bit, not being a regular radio personality, but I hope my point was clear…..”the truth will set you free”…

    I was brought to the end of myself, desperately needing a word from God, by which I could know that I was saved & that I had not blasphemed His Holy Spirit. He gave it to me….1John2:3-5….it’s by this that I know that I know Him & by this that I know I am in Him. I think that this is really the only evidence I have of the faith which I claim.

    It seems as though people are hesitant to offer this, because it might cause someone to stumble, if they do not perfectly keep His commandments.

    I don’t have all the answers, but as far as I know, this is kinda’ the end-all, beat-all, when it comes to looking for conclusive evidence of our salvation.

    Jesus said that “By their fruits (we) shall know them…..” Maybe, by my fruits I can know me too….(?)

    I hope this helps with a shortcut to a long and painful journey, as that was my reason for calling.

    May God richly bless you, as you walk in the center of His will.


  2. The question about who will be the anti-Christ? From whom will he come ? Lets say he is from the French Royal bloodline making him from Europe and then becomes Muslim or chriselum faith. This would mean he worships a God his fathers didn’t know, a god of war . When the world is at it’s worst financially and strife between nations then he will claim sovereignty.

  3. When Ananias and Sapphira,husband and wife, didnt disclose before Peter their true assets they were dropped in their tracks…Christ instructs in Mattew 18:17 that those who refuse correction (in the family/Chruch) they are to be cast out.

    So are we not severely lacking that we are not casting out from among us the philanderers and thieves and other purveyors of the “alternative” ways in our churches and those we socialise with?

    It seems peoples fears of being “judged” have caused an environment in the Church where not only is how we dress of no concern–yet people would never test their bosses dress code–but we seem to think that we arent to have any demands for beaviour of those “communing” with us at church.

    Your thoughts.

  4. This was inspired from the program Dr Brown had months ago with an Arab man who seemed eager to aggressively defend and fight for Christianity. I believe he was an apologist for the crusades if that rings a bell.

    I dont support that but the above question came to mind. What responsibility have we in our homes and places of communion? Certainly cant be passivity.

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