Does God Have a Political Affiliation? And the Importance of Apologetics

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Dr. Brown asks if God is with the Republican or Democratic parties, discusses what issues are most important to Him, talks with Christian apologist Jonathan McLatchie about Intelligent Design and about the importance of apologetics, as well as takes your calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Dr Brown ,
    Please watch this video it’s about the Pope and the Palestinians . I am not a Secret Rapcherest

  2. Finally somebody else said it. Hillary/democratic platform on abortion is more dangerous to Black people than anything else
    . I keep expecting Trump to make a counter add to her Children’s Defence program add that’s running in NC. Remember when Bill made it illegal to present to him aborted fetus models when he was Prez!

  3. Shalom David. I really do enjoy hearing and lessoning to your videos on YouTube, and have lessoned to your recording discussions. I am a Christian. Both metaphorically and I try literally. I want to say that lo=no……I do not think God has a political group that God supports. However those that share and try to do what God taught, or come to bring about his kingdom with God’s will in mind. Grace, kindness, truth, compassion, honesty, Turbulence and internal challenges. Are all apart of Gods resurrecting life. And if a particular political group shows more of this…..I Do believe God dose bless it to some extent to help in its and God’s successes… However we all know that God dose not do all the work. If he did we would get nothing out of it.. Like baby learning to walk… The baby has to do it on its own at some point…. I think there are some things that God likes with the Democratic party. And some thing that God likes with the Republican party. Was Jesus a socialist? A left winger? When it come to equality, justice, serving the poor and respecting nature and the Earth. Certainly we can say Christ was apart of that flow. But Christ was also feverishly against gays, sexual perversity, standing up for what he believed even as it be an insult to others… So much that at one point he even called his own disciples the devil as they tried to stop/prevent his crucifixion, and many other aspects and examples too…. We see similar characteristics that do happen in America… Sometimes when we are challenged we simply give in, because its easy, tempting or we are too frightened. Apologetics are certainly in that basket… We must understand clearly and spiritually and logically what one should be apologizing for. If we can’t even understand it, then is it really an apologue or need to be one? Basic concepts and yet here we are struggling with it….

    I think Christ would have been in the middle, but having a clear understanding of the issues….The same issues that we face today or can be scene today…..Christ had an answer to them….Sadly we don’t have an answer to really do those things or pick up the book of books to see what was said….Maybe if we took scripture more seriously, America would be taken more seriously, and not be the circus that it seems to be ever so more showing itself to be. God is about Grace, holiness, transition, truth, tranquility and the gorily of life eternal. When has politics or governance ever been about that???

    And so its laid upon the people not its leaders. And it is still laid upon the masses today… For if you truly want to find the messiah or God.. More often then not we see it in the bible and today….Its at the end of the bread line…. Not the ones that seek to control and have a leadership position. But is amongst the dust and the crowd, and works there of… For Jesus said…..All have sinned. And so why do we fellow sinners to save us? And not seek are own salvation through scripture? Maybe someone should ask America that. I however am a Canadian.

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