The Church Has the Answers for America

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Dr. Brown continues to address the massive social unrest in the nation, sharing how it is the Church that has the answers for America. Dr. Brown will also take your calls and speak with Christian attorney Brad Dacus about the SB 1146 which threatens to close Christian colleges and universities. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. LOFR,

    I think you have a typo that you might like to fix…
    “Dr. Brown continues to address the massive social rest in the nation…”

    Probably you would rather have “unrest” instead of “rest.”


  2. I am a white guy and I have been stopped 4 or 5 times and asked for I.D. after doing nothing wrong. I never considered doing anything but politely giving them my I.D. There may be a problem of too aggressive policing in this country, but it doesn’t help when its only the black victims who become national stories and it turns into a race issue.

  3. Mark,
    Yeah, come to think of it I’ve been stopped, and even escorted back to my home, by police many times (maybe 10) when I was simply out on walks at night time–and I look White (though my mother legally immigrated from Ecuador–though I am not only White from my father’s side but also Hispanic and Native South American).

  4. “come to think of it”
    I don’t spend my time thinking about those times I was stopped, but since you mentioned the reality that Whites are also stopped I remembered all of those times. Once I was walking in the parking lot of my own apartment complex and had a (White) officer force my to put my hands behind my back (I think he put me in his car as well–I don’t remember too much after that).

  5. “I don’t spend my time thinking about those times I was stopped”
    My mind is otherwise occupied trying to understand the Gospel more clearly (since no one understands it or explains it satisfactorily) by study and prayer (not that I don’t engage in some recreational activities–though even these activities are at times also experiments in “obedience of faith” [but that is another issue]).

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