Dr. Brown Is Back from Australia with Josh McDowell and David French

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Dr. Brown shares updates from his 10-day trip to Australia, catches up on some important recent news, and speaks with world-famous apologist Josh McDowell and attorney and cultural commentator David French. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. lifezette

    By Deirdre Reilly Published June 27,2016

    When enrolling your children in preschool, a curriculum check will now be mandatory.

    “There was once a time when it was unthinkable to even mention the topic of homosexuality in a school setting,” said one pro-family activist.

    A new web series called “Queer Kids Stuff” aimed at preschoolers (yes, you read that right) is now attempting to teach those barely out of diapers what the phrases “gay,” “bisexual,” and “transgender” mean.

    In the opening minutes of the first show, the host tells a teddy bear, as well as innocent viewers, that “gay means love.”

    Although no U.S. preschool programs have indicated yet that they will embrace the series, it may only be a matter of time.

  2. Hey Paul,

    I’ve seen videos about this phenomenon myself. I think they started appearing on youtube in 2011 and some still being reported and recorded now in 2016. Very strange and it seems no one really know what it causing it. Some say atmospheric distortions, other say testing of man-made projects, and others saying its the sound of shofars/trumpets, relating it to the book of Revelation.

    Since this has been happening for a few years now, I would doubt it’s biblical since God usually works publicly, declaring what He is doing before he does it so that we know He is God and it seems believers are for the most part unaware of this phenomenon, and no cause has been identified. I’m not sure what it is, it will be interesting to find out more.

    Here is a video with a few more samples of the sound from other locations around the world recorded mostly in 2016 I believe.

    **Warning: Foul Language said once between 1:25 and 1:30** I believe the rest of the video is clean.


  3. Hi Benjamin I don’t know what trumpet it is but one thing is for sure things in this world sence their sounding has become much more evil . Like Isis, lawlessness, murders,rioting and terror attacks There is such a level of unbforgiveness and mean spiritness that is growing every day Not to mention the tornados, fires, earthquakes and flooding. They are more numerous and powerful then ever before. I think it mite a warning like the fest of awe telling us to make our self ready .

  4. Benjamin I am not a secret rapcher believer. Never was. I read GODs word for what it says. I don’t read bible commentaries. I believe sin will increase antichrist will appear believers will be murdered for their faith then CHRIST will come . The horns might be a warning of the coming of antichrist . So we can strengthen our faith and help our brothers and sisters in Christ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2w63biYa54

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