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Dr. Brown answers your e-questions from Australia and shares some inspiring testimonies from missionaries in Africa and the Middle East. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. re: Hebrew Israelites
    Claim: Since being sent off to slavery in ships is one of the curses of the Law given to Jews, and since we know African-Americans came to America on ships to be sold as slaves African-Americans must be Jewish.

    1a. Suffering one of the calamities which God had (through Moses) warned Israel they would suffer in the event that they broke the Sinai Covenant doesn’t necessarily make a people-group Jewish.
    For example, one of the curses was that He would afflict the Jews with the boils of Egypt [Dt 28:27]. Does that make the Egyptians Jewish? Not at all. Again, many lands have been invaded by people speaking an unintelligible language [Dt 28:49]. Does a people-group’s having experienced that calamity make that people-group Jewish? Obviously not.
    We could go down the line and say the same about nearly all of the rest of the curses.
    1b. Conversely, just because some of the curses never befell some of the Jews (e.g., some were never sent back to Egypt to be sold as slaves) doesn’t mean they’re not Jewish. The whole of the curses don’t need to befall every last living Jew–e.g., in Ez 5:12, a third die by plague and famine, a third die by the sword, and a third are sent into exile. The whole of the curses do befall the whole of the nation, but the whole of the curses do not befall every single individual. (How could a person who has died by the sword be thereafter sent into exile?).
    1c. Going by the information they make available in their own videos, many of them are willing to consider all kinds of “Latinos” Jews–despite the fact that those “Latinos” had not traveled to the Americas as slaves.

    2. The (“ships”) curse specified that the Jews would make the trip which God had “promised [they] should never make again”–a trip back to Egypt (presumably referring to Ex 14:13–correct me if I’m wrong) [Dt 28:68] “the house of bondage” [Ex 13:14]: to contrive a proof for their people-group’s alleged Jewishness based on this verse necessitates a reliance on a superficial and irrelevant connection between “slavery” and “ships” rather than on the more substantive and relevant connection between “slavery” and “Egypt”.
    Jews were never slaves in America–nothing was ever written about God exalting Himself by delivering anyone out of slavery in America (and if they want to say America is “spiritual Egypt” then why aren’t they interpreting the “ships” as “spiritual ships”?), by signs and wonders, 3500 years ago. African-American slavery in America neither qualifies as slavery in Egypt nor even as a return to a slavery from which that people-group had previously been delivered.

    The belief is, on so many levels, just a mess–that’s aside from the fact that the fruit of it is almost invariably that of hatred division and racism.

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