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  1. re: Mama-God and Bethel Redding
    FWIW I can confirm that there is something about mama-God going on at Bethel Redding. I spoke with one of their counselors who told me to call the Holy Spirit Mother-God.

    I disagreed, giving my reasons, and we moved on; but it did strike me that she would come out and call the Spirit “mother”. I assume she got this idea from “The Shack”.

    Anyways, FYI

  2. At a certain point we may have to stop rationalizing the struggles of people with Transgender issues. It’s a mental illness, like any other mental illness.

    People didn’t have these problems 50 years ago. They are victims of a depraved culture, like the rest of us, acting out in different ways, with their enablers (psychologists, the school system, etc.) largely to blame. If your child exhibits transgenderism, or whatever, start being a parent and correct him or her. It is your duty. But parents are being indoctrinated also, again by the culture.

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